Deliverance is important – Testimonies from some of the church fathers

Deliverance is important

Testimonies from some of the church fathers

From the book Christian Initiation and Baptism In The Holy Spirit – Evidence from the First Eight Centuries we understand that deliverance from evil spirits was important in the first church.

The theme of the book is the relationship between the Holy Spirit and the christian baptism. But the writers also mentions the use of deliverance in the first christian church.

The early theologians Cyril of Jerusalem (f. 313 , Theodore of Mopsuestia (f. 350 and Ambrosius (f. 337 all pointed to the importance of the baptismal candidates to be released from all bonds to the kingdom of darkness. This was achieved by a continuing deliverance.

In some instances the deliverance was repeated for more than two years.

When the baptismal candidates had been completely released from the influence of the evil spirits they were ready to be baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit and exercising the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I wonder what the christian congregations would look like if some of the focus in the preaching would be the need for individual deliverance and boldness in the deliverance service. I think many things had been different. There had been greater freedom and boldness. The gifts of the Holy Spirit would have functioned in another way than they do today most places.

There is just one matter that make us christians different than “the world.” The work of the Holy Spirit. That is why all that hinders the fullness of the Holy Spirit must be cleansed from our lives.

My experience is that most christians need deliverance from evil spirits. Deliverance is a right that the children of God has. It is “the childrens bread”.

Please study the teaching in this website. They will give you a thorough teaching in deliverance. Ransack yourself, pray the prayers suggested and go through deliverance with an honest desire to be free.

If you wish to go through a deliverance one to one, you are welcome to take contact.

Welcome to the freedom that only Jesus can give you.

Kilian McDonnell and George T. Montague Christian initiation and baptism in the Holy Spirit 1991 The liturgical press pp. 236 – 237