1 – A short glimpse at deliverance by Don Dickerman

1 – A glimpse at Deliverance by Don Dickerman

It is very important that the individual is made feel comfortable and has a measure of understanding about the process. There are so many false notions concerning spiritual freedom that it might be wisw to dispel some of that from the beginning.

Hollywood has created many false notions concerning the evil ones and their activity in humans. The deliverance process is not complicated and should not seem threatening to the individual. It is never necessary to raise your voice and become emotional during the deliverance. The authority is not in your tone of voce it is only in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Demons understand this better than we do.

Raising your voice is only indication that you do not understand the process. Som of the «pentecostal» experiences concerning demons has been damaging to genuine deliverance, and inner healing. You must be in charge under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the authority of Jesus Christ Name based upon the authority of God`s Word.

I begin each session with a prayer similar to this:

«Father thank you for this moment. I believe it to be ordained of You. I believe you are answering prayer even now concerning (individual`s name). I recognize the Presence of Your Holy Spirit and I thank You for it. I acknowledge that I need Your help and the Holy Spirits direction. Lead us only to areas where we need to go for (individual`s) freedom. I know that apart from You I can do nothing. I trust You and we expect comlete freedom for (individual) in Jesus Christ`s name.»

One of the most important aspects in deliverance is information. What insight the Holy Spirit will give to you as you listen to the individual talk and as you discern possible strongholds and areas of bondage by reviewing the Pre Deliverance History Form. ( Please check the site of Don dickerman Ministries)

Not only does this give you valuable insight and direction, but it is also therapeutic for the person who is coming for deliverance. The Holy Spirit brings things to their remembrance as they respond to questions on the form and many times they are reminded that a certain event may well be a source of demonization. It is good that they know before hand what areas are going to be dealt with.

It may be well to establish the difference between «possession» which is the only word som people know when talking of demons, and «oppression». Christians, of course, cannot bee possessed by demons. Possession is ownership and we are owned by the Lord Jesus, having been purhcased, redeemed, bought with a price…Demon spirits cannot gain access to a believers spirit. It is the soul and flesh that they can and do demonize. Most who will come for deliverance already understand this.[:]