March 2020 «Sophisticated hierarky»



After ministering in the area of deliverance and healing since 1995 I have noticed the most common questions concern not only the reality of demons but also what are they?  If they are real what are they and what do they do? Can a Christian have demons? Doesn’t the Holy Spirit protect us? I receive such questions all the time. The Holy Spirit leads us and guides us into all truth, He does not compel us to receive truth nor to obey truth…neither does He prevent the consequences of disobedience.  We, as believers can “quench” the Spirit and we can also “grieve” the Spirit. Believers can and do open doors for “demonization”. 

Let me say first of all, that the Bible does not attempt to explain the existence of God nor try to prove it.  Neither does the Bible explain or attempt to prove the existence of demons. The reality of demons was not questioned by Jesus nor those to whom He ministered.  It was understood and recognized. Jesus spoke to demons; He commanded their obedience … they recognized Him and He recognized them. The work of demons was understood by others, there was no attempt to explain their existence and certainly no attempt to “explain it away”.

Somewhere in the beginning, perhaps in the pre-determinate counsel of God, angels were created.  The Bible declares that they are all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for the heirs of salvation; that would be you and me.  The myriads of created angels, an “innumerable company”, worship and served God. There were obviously angelic ranks, a hierarchy to be sure.

The angels were given names and had various functions and assignments.  Some had six wings and are called seraphim, some had four wings and are called cherubim, others had two wings with various assignments.

Doubtless, there are ranks of angels we do not know about.  The angels had/have names and their names had significance. Michael is undoubtedly the angel with highest rank and power, Gabriel is an angel of high rank and Lucifer was the “anointed cherub” with radiant beauty.  It seems that Michael is in charge of warring angels, Gabriel perhaps over messenger angels and Lucifer must have been in charge of praise. He was adorned with an elaborate musical ability with created purpose of praising God.  He apparently desired the praise for himself.


So magnificent was the created being, Lucifer, that at some point in history he rebelled and opposed God.  This is important in understanding “what are demon spirits”. Lucifer wanted to be worshiped, he wanted to be like God so he opposed God!  He rallied a third of the angels and there was “a war in heaven” … Lucifer, Satan, the Serpent, the Old Dragon was cast out of heaven. He was cast out of heaven and, interestingly, “cast out” is the term Jesus uses when He gave us authority.  He told us to “cast” out demons.

Notice I have used the word “opposition” several times, Satan “opposed” God.  You cannot oppose something without being the opposite…that’s the point here. You can’t oppose love with love, you can’t oppose the truth with truth.  In order for Satan to war against God he had to do so with opposites!

Demon spirits are fallen angels who took on the opposite nature of God, the created became the enemy of all that God is.  God is love! Hence, a demon spirit cannot operate in love but must by its very nature be the opposite of love, opposites of the fruit of the Spirit and opposite of the character of Jehovah God.  Satan, who was reduced to the god of this world, the world where we live, still wars against God thru mankind. That’s why Jesus came, God so loved…this world!

Demon spirits are as real as the Holy Angels!  They are spirits and are active in the affairs of mankind.  They certainly can and DO inhabit the lives of believers.

I mentioned a few of the angel’s names, “Gabriel” and “Michael”.  The names “Lucifer” and “Satan” are used interchangeably to identify the Devil.  Beelzebub is a name of a ruling demon power, the Jews and Jesus, recognized his work.  Baal, Moloch, Diana of The Ephesians (Artemus), are a few of demon spirits recognized and worshiped throughout scripture, there are many.  Angels have names and assignments; demons have names and assignments.


Remember in Mark chapter 5, the man who lived among the tombs and no man could tame…Jesus commanded the strongman, the prince of the demonic kingdom inside the man, to identify himself.  The demon’s name was Legion. He ruled a kingdom of demon spirits that destroyed a herd of 2,000 swine. The tormenting spirits caused the pigs to be out of control and to commit suicide.  Demons have names and assignments and are part of a sophisticated hierarchy opposing all of God’s creation.  

You cannot fully realize your potential as a believer until you understand the opposition.  That is an absolute truth! That’s why I talk about it. We are being opposed, there is an opponent!  Hordes of evil spirits circle where there is un-confessed sin. Their legal ground is man’s disobedience.  Now, right now as you read this there are eyes watching, you may even feel their intimidation as you read for they don’t want you to know.  Do you ever have the sense of being watched? The angels watch and they “watch over”, the demons watch and are looking for opportunities to gain access to a believer’s life.  Their work is torment. They are your opponent!


Remember, if God is love and He is, then demon spirits work in the area of hate, envy, selfishness, lust, bitterness etc.  If love forgives, then demon spirits work in the area of un-forgiveness. If God is truth, then demon spirits lie and the truth is not in them.  It is not Satan himself that we deal with, I doubt he has ever been to my home, it is his fallen angels, demon spirits, with whom we deal. Satan opposed Jesus in the wilderness temptation, in the garden and at the cross.  All of the demons were at the cross! Jesus faced them all for us, defeated them and gave us authority over them in His Name.

What is your area of struggle in your Christian life?  Could it be a demon spirit? Do you know how to defeat your opponent?  Know your opponent…see the “simple” truth that demon spirits are fallen angels and they are actively opposing the Body of Christ and individual believers.  Ignoring the truth gives them the advantage, calling it something else will not win the battle.  

Jesus said “These signs will follow those that believe…#1 They shall cast out demons, #2 they shall lay hands on the sick…Why is it that denominations skip right past the first thing He said, “Cast out demons”? They run right past it to tongues and skip over the FIRST thing He said would be a sign…Why do you think?

Please know that I am grateful for your support with finances and prayer.  We have seen hundreds saved, delivered I am glad God lets me participate and that you help make it possible.  Blessings.

Just for Jesus,