“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and the recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,” Luke 4:18

Months earlier I had met a man in Lansing, Michigan that had been ministering deliverance for many years. Now a woman in a Canadian prison was asking me to minister deliverance to her. It seemed everywhere I turned God was putting people into my life with the common subject of “demons”.  Bruce Jenkins is a pastor and deliverance minister at a church just outside of Lansing. He was a college and seminary graduate from Baptist schools in Arizona. For many years he has now been ministering to people in need of deliverance.

Kathy Morrick was the Canadian inmate asking for deliverance.  She told me some of her incredible background and said, ““You can help me, I know you can”.  We talked for some time after the altar call at the Prison for Women in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I assured Kathy I would do what I could.

God Tricked me

It’s not easy to get permission to go to a prison for a private “one on one” meeting.  I proceeded to contact authorities and finally arrangements were made,  Rev. Jenkins was going to meet me there and I was going to “assist” him. After all, he had been doing this since the 70’s. Some problems arose and Rev. Jenkins could not come to Kingston. This is how it all started! I was there, the prison officials had arranged for us to meet in a private meeting room with a large meeting table and several chair around it. But it was just me and Kathy. I recall as I walked up the steps of the prison that I really didn’t know what I was doing, but  a calm assurance engulfed me. I knew what Jesus did, I knew what His Word said and I simply made a commitment that I would stand on that.

An officer escorted me to the second floor room and then left. Shortly, another officer brought Kathy in and seated her across from me…then left the two of us alone. Kathy and I had been corresponding now for months since our first meeting. I knew a lot about her. She was born in a “Satanic home”.  Her parents were Satan worshipers. Kathy was raised to become the “Bride of Lucifer” in a cult called the Brotherhood.

I knew about the ritualistic abuse, and then her confinement and her salvation. This was first of thousands of deliverances…God thru His Word and the Holy Spirit showed me the pattern that His Word teaches and that Jesus practiced and it has been successful since that first day in Canada.

He showed me to cancel legal consents…I led Kathy through several prayers denouncing Satanism and all of it is lies…equally important I also led her through repentance prayers of un-forgiveness, hatred, anger etc. Once all legal consents had been broken, I did what Jesus said to do concerning taking back what is ours, I “bound the strongman” and the demon kingdom. I commanded the prince, highest-ranking, demon to identify himself by name… he did, then others did as commands were given. Wow, I am getting spiritually charged as this goes further. I am experiencing something! I am participating in the Holy Spirit freeing someone in  the Name of Jesus! What a simple procedure, what a powerful Name. Demons always obey!

After a couple of hours of denouncing and commanding, demons had come out of her and she leaped from her chair and began dancing around the room with joy.  I had never, ever seen or experienced anything like it.  This was by far the most dramatic of the thousands I have done since then.

I’ll forever remember walking out the front doors of that prison, standing on the top of the steps and thrusting my arm into the air, Bible in hand, and proclaiming, “YES!”

With Jim Cavanagh, once known as the “Meanest Man in Canada”  after 23-years in prisons and then director of Prison Fellowship in Kingston, he was instrumental in making arrangements.

I didn’t know where I was headed in ministry, I could never have imagined.  Since that day, I have personally seen about 25,000 Christians freed of demonization.  Believers, healed of demonic oppression.  The atoning work of Jesus included “deliverance to the captives…setting at liberty them that are bruised…healing the broken-hearted…recovering of sight”.  I “see” this happen, there are hundreds of testimonies.

Kathy has been out of prison since 1998. She has the struggles of most former inmates but has been out of prison for over 15 years now.

We are training people weekly and ministering deliverance with our ministry teams.  We see about 30 – 40 people each month. Over the years we have catalogued names of demons and their specific functions.  We have over 120,000 names recorded! We see people from every walk of life, including children.  You could never talk me out of this!  What I have seen with my eyes and experienced in thousands of lives simply cannot be dismissed.  This is without doubt the single most neglected part of the gospel!  Every believer deserves to be free and to know how to be free.  I believe there will be great accountability to preachers and teachers that omit this from the message and keep this from the people.

We see 550-600 people per year for one on one ministry. Virtually no one knows what we do, that’s why I’m sharing.

Thanks for your support!

Just for Jesus,