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Then they came to Jesus, and saw the one who had been demon-possessed and had the legion, sitting and clothed and in his right mind. (Mark 5:15)


Newsletter by Don Dickerman, March 2021

Without doubt, the most difficult of individuals that we deal with are those that have been diagnosed with mental disorders.  If it was like the “spiritual warfare” movements teach, then we could just circle the mental institutions and bind all of the mind tormenting spirits.

This is a tough one for several reasons.  I am somewhat acquainted with it.  My mother was diagnosed as “paranoid schizophrenic”.   She attempted suicide nine times in a six-week period.  She was tormented in her mind.  This was before I knew about deliverance as I do now.  Since her death I have many times tried to discover what may have happened in her life that could have allowed this.  I don’t know.  Her two sisters committed suicide.  If they were abused as children, I don’t know about it, none of my relatives know about it.  While I suspect that may have been the problem, I don’t know.

I can’t find anything in her ancestry that helps me to answer the mystery . . . but there was a source.  It was the work of demons.  My friend Frank Hammond was convinced in his ministry that “rejection” is at the root of paranoia and schizophrenia.  I have had many experiences to confirm that, however, there may be multiple things that come together to bring this about.  Delusion is maximum deception. Paranoia is defined as “a mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance.  It is unjustified suspicion and mistrust of others.” “Exaggerated self-importance”. . . I see this a lot in the ministry, unfortunately it is often among ministers.  The paranoia is so strong that to the individual it seems real.  They see something. They hear something.  Something is going on.

The question is really not that it is caused by demons, rather it is how the demons cause it.  Without doubt many people in this condition need medical help, without doubt.  Often, the individual needs both spiritual and physiological help. Sometimes the person needs some medical attention so that they can be delivered.  It is virtually always different.

When a lie has been believed it is very difficult to deal with demons until the lie has been renounced. The problem here is that the deception is so powerful that the individual does not perceive it to be a lie. They become so fully blinded by the lie that they are unable to see the truth.  They are convinced that the government is persecuting them or secret agents are assigned to spy and gather information against them.  They are so convinced that it is very difficult for them to confess it as a lie.  They often become suspicious of you because you don’t believe their story.

It is always the same and never the same. It is the neighbors plotting against them, sometimes co-workers telling false stories about them, hearing people outside of their house … or in the house. Witches and warlocks putting curses on them.  The torment they are in is real.  There is no doubt that what they perceive is likely very real to them.  So, the dilemma is how to bring freedom to those suffering from disorders of the mind.

I assure you it is more than simply commanding demons to go in the Name of Jesus.  If it was that simple, I would be at the mental hospitals right now.  I have been there; I have prayed for institutionalized people. I have spent many hours in the psychiatric wings of the prisons, I have heard the demons react when I would walk down the halls or come by their cells.  I have heard the screams down the corridors as the sounds from the chapel services spilled into the prison.  It is more than just speaking the Name of Jesus over a mentally ill person.  It is complex and until the legal rights of those demon powers have been removed (by the individual or parents), freedom does not come.

The Name of Jesus will stir them regardless.  Demons hate and fear that Name. Some people with mental disorders cannot even read the bible for the torment that comes.  Some read it and are only able to see condemnation and judgment.  The thing I know is that there is always a root, sometimes many roots.  The problem is finding it and removing permissions that demons have gained.

One of the things we have experienced in this area is that there is a common need for attention. Sometimes it is the only way a person knows to gain sympathy and importance.  Over the years we have encountered “many” SRA victims.  SRA is Satanic Ritualistic Abuse. We have also learned that in most cases the supposed abuse never happened.  The individual may “believe” it happened, generally it is a lie.  Now, I also think that there are some instances where these really happen, but not nearly to the numbers of people claiming it happened. We used to see of a lot of these folks.  We found limited success and also discovered that there was seldom any evidence to confirm the stories.  This became all too common.  No names, no addresses, no crime reports, no way to verify anything.

A pastor of a church in a nearby city called me one night.  He was distraught.  He said, “Don, maybe you can help me, we are at our end in knowing how to deal with a young lady.  We have taken her in our home to try to help her.  We have tried casting out demons and it just seems to go on and on . . . we don’t know what to do.”

He began to tell me her story and as he did, I knew I had heard it many times.  It’s the “SRA story” and I don’t want to minimize what may be a very real problem for some.  As he told me her story, I said, “The reason you can’t help her is because it didn’t happen.”  There was a silence on the other end of the phone.  After a moment, he said, “You mean she’s lying?”  Part of her sad story was that when she stayed at a motel, that the church was paying for, her father had busted open the door and brutally raped her.  I said, “Take her to the police . . . I’m betting she won’t go.”

Again, there was silence, “You’re right” he said, “we tried to take her there but once we arrived she wouldn’t go in.”  Of course, there are demons involved but the demons have permission because she is believing and perpetuating the lie.

People many times will know that what they are believing is a lie but have become comfortable with the lie and the truth is too challenging to admit.  Some, it seems, have only known the lie from childhood, you’re no good, you are a failure, something’s wrong with you, you don’t look right, you can’t find a purpose for living.

These folks can’t be reasoned with and until they come into agreement with truth, they will not be free. They are delusional, some of it is legitimate physiological disorder and many need medication.  If the problem was simple to fix wouldn’t we just do it?  It is not simple!

I always seem to end these stories with the same thing.  It is truth that enables us to be free.  Lies empower the demon.  Thanks for your prayers and support.

Just for Jesus,




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