“Adultery, Fornication, Uncleanness, Lewdness, Idolatry, Sorcery, Hatred, Contentions, Jealousies, Outbursts of Wrath, Selfish Ambitions, Dissensions, Heresies, Envy, Murders, Drunkenness, Revelries, And the like.”  Gal. 5:20-21

There are 18 works of the flesh mentioned in Gal. 5:20-21. Eighteen! All of them are offensive to God and others. Sadly, these are often character traits of many believers who I see for deliverance. It is also interesting that there are twice as many works of the flesh as there are fruits of the Spirit.

The flesh is weak!  It must be yielded to Jesus; else the fruit of the Spirit cannot be seen.  This is so evident in deliverance ministry.  There is a teaching that says, “For much as one wishes to achieve something, the frailties of the human body often make it impossible”.  Jesus told the weary disciples in Gethsemane, the Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

The flesh only wants to please the flesh…even though it often hates the act of pleasing the flesh. I think most believers would prefer not to do the things that displease God. Read the list above, people who do those things hate themselves for doing them but seem helpless to change. The results are guilt and shame.

In contrast there are the fruits of the Spirit. Look at them. “Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control.”

Half as many and twice as life changing. The Fruit of God’s Spirit cannot be on display until the flesh has been defeated. It is defeated only by your consent, your willingness. The flesh will keep you in failure, to my dismay I see people continue to struggle in bad choices and ungodly decisions, only to wonder why God doesn’t bless them more.

If you have ever been around an addict, you know the flesh is weak. You never know when that person might yield to the power of the flesh. As much as the individual would like to be free from the pull, there is not sufficient power in the flesh…and they fall again. You can’t really reason with the person because they already “know.”  The “will” power is too weak, what is needed is the power of God’s Holy Spirit!  The power of His Spirit can only be realized thru a yielded flesh!

Some things need to be cast out…some things can’t be cast out as long as there is agreement with sin…so, the beginning for the believer is surrender. Demons cannot be cast out and God’s Holy Spirit cannot do His work as long as the flesh rules!  When the flesh is yielded to God and His Presence is preferred the benefits are what the Bible calls Fruit of the Spirit.  “Just say NO” were simple and meaningful words from our former First Lady.  The Holy Spirit helps you to say no and reveals to you consequences of obeying the cries of the flesh…however, the Holy Spirit will not say NO for you.

This is where victory comes. You are making a Spirit-led choice. Check the list of flesh and spirit fruit. Is there too much of this and not enough of that?

I know the answer to that. I live in this world also. Too much contention not enough understanding. Too much…well you know where I am going. Look at the list of flesh fruit…anger and outbursts of wrath, temper tantrums…un-surrendered flesh is not a pleasant thing. It is the absence of love, joy, peace…

Failed marriages, foolish motives, and foul mindsets. Hurt feelings, defensive attitudes and all of the other things that make you feel uncomfortable. They are all the works of the flesh. The flesh must die…daily. The Fruit of the Spirit can only operate where the flesh no longer rules.

Evil spirits gain access thru open doors of the flesh. In deliverance, the “main thing” is removing legal rights that a demon may have.

If there is unconfessed, unaddressed sin in the individual’s life, they are not deliverance candidates. So, the need for confession of sins of the flesh is absolutely necessary. Many times, folks will ask “how do I know if what I am dealing with is demons or just the flesh?”  That is a good question…a simple answer is when in doubt cast it out. Confess and address. Admit it and quit it.  In my life, I confess often there is too much of that and not enough of this.

1Jn. 1:9If we confess our sin, He is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Wow, what a promise!!

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