A testimony 2. April 2021

Newsletter  2. April 2021 from Don Dickerman


Thank you our faithful readers and supporters. He is Risen! We at Don Dickerman Ministries are hopeful that 2021 will bring many Blessings to each of you. We extend our Prayers for Peace to each of you!


Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage. (Galatians 5:1)


This amazing testimony came a couple of days ago!

 “My grandmother gave me “When Pigs Move In” to read, at first it was a gift for someone else but ended up in my hands. That night I read half of the book and was already experiencing a stirring within me. An irritation as if I shouldn’t be reading such nonsense (not my feelings of course) and a great sense of fear hung over me. This fear was in the shape of a boy hunched over like an animal with glowing eyes, dark and dirty with long unruly hair, and long broken nails. I have seen this creature since I was a child of only 5 or 6 years of age. It used to watch me sleep and I’d have such nightmares, I still remember them so vividly even today.

When I was little, I had no idea what it was and was frightened out of my wits, it would stare from my door or right near my nose and even clawed me before. I am 24 years old, and it had been following me all this time that I thought it was merely a hallucination to cope with the traumatic event, but as I read your book, I saw him and he hovered by my ear as I felt it claw me. That night I slept with praise worship music on but was very uncomfortable and could barely sleep.

The next morning, I told my grandmother that I had read the book and recognized I had many of the signs especially involving childhood trauma. That’s when I told her about the boy that followed me since childhood, immediately she prayed with me and we cast it out as I was an innocent who gave no permission whatsoever at that time. She suspected that it had dwelled in the home that I lived with my parents near a cemetery and attached to me who couldn’t defend myself at the time.

Finally, it was gone from my side and I no longer felt that fear. We talked more and as we did, I read her a part of my diary which helps with my severe depression. In it I spoke of a boy named Kaesey who wasn’t real, I wrote that the boy had given me strength during a time of great trauma caused by my peers from severe bullying. Then I showed her a page of a particular bad night where my handwriting had completely changed. Immediately she recognized that the boy Kaesey was not a boy at all but an entity disguising itself to deceive me. You see during all my school life I couldn’t make friends and always felt isolated and unworthy and weak.

During the time the entity disguised itself as a helping hand and I willingly gave in to escape my overwhelming pain caused by my peers constant bullying in all forms. My grandmother told me it acted like my savior and best friend when I needed but it used others to its advantage to make sure I stayed weak, vulnerable to the point of relying on it all the time. She said “you see, it was never your friend. It only acted like it until you started pulling away then would show its true colors, pushing you down then coming in as the hero. As if a pyromaniac who started the fire but rushes into the house to save the people without claiming to be a hero when it was the villain”. That shattered my heart, I felt such betrayal and rage that I had let it happen all this time without realizing or not wanting to acknowledge the fact.

As we prayed, she told me to call its name multiple times, it was a great struggle. I could barely speak and even felt my mouth was being sewn shut. My grandmother kept commanding it as she was willing to stay all day if need be and wouldn’t back down. I know my face had changed as the muscles were tight and twitched around my eyes. She continued to command to speak to it and told me myself to tell him to go, to say “Kaesey go away!” I felt a deep growl coming from my throat as I struggled to barely say the words, it wanted to control me, and my hands gripped my leg tightly as I was seated on my bed. I had barely gotten the words out and was told to keep saying it, she prayed God give me the strength I needed to let go completely.

 She told it to pack up all its things and those with him to leave immediately as it had no legal right to be there anymore as I had canceled it. It gave a final hard growl scoring my throat and she told me to breathe. It felt like this thing just ripped apart from me like a piece of paper being torn in two. I collapsed on my side from exhaustion. I took a nap after and the whole time by body twitched righting itself from repair. I had never felt so light before, but I knew there was more left.

During the day I prayed God guide me so I could rid myself of anything that had been influenced by a demonic power, all my writings and artworks I looked through each one carefully ripping pages and folding drawings tossing them in Walmart bags. By the time I looked through everything I had three bags full, I never would’ve guessed it had influenced me so. I made a promise with my grandmother to finish the deliverance by watching your video “Courtroom of Deliverance”. Not only did I make a promise with her, but I also had promised God I would as I didn’t want to be bound anymore. I had been delivered from my own pit many years before, so I wanted to be free of everything.                                      

 Later after dinner when we all headed for bed I went to my room and watched the video as promised. I was determined and needed freedom now. As I watched my body twitched in places, subtle but obvious. As you said “I command you to leave and go into the abyss” I saw black like smoke leave my breathe, felt my hands relax, my shoulders loosening as if it was from a massage, and long pillars maybe branches leaving my back. My head had finally stopped hurting and it cooled as if it was a waterfall.

Thank you for making the video and writing the book, if not I’d have never been able to be set free. My grandmother wouldn’t have bought it, read it, given it as a gift, found by me, read by me, then both of us casting out two major princes that had been the biggest torments in my life. Praise God he had given you all you needed to make this possible, He is powerful and mighty. I am so blessed I was accepted as His daughter from birth when my real one didn’t want me from conception. God is my father and always has been, when I’m with Him I feel like a little girl. I am His little girl, His child.

 Thank you, Mr. Don, for listening to God so that you could help me through Him.

 From, Kayla”

 Pretty amazing isn’t it? You may not know but we see this happen to different degrees almost daily. I shared this when it came in with one of our deliverance ministers. He said, “I guess if God can use a donkey to speak to someone, he can use a book about pigs as well.”

Just for Jesus,