January 2020 Where does Satan live?

Where does Satan live?

Think with me, if you were the devil how would you organize your countless numbers of fallen angels? Since he is not able to be present everywhere at all times, he must be in a place of rule where he delegates his authority and his wishes to be carried out.  Imagine yourself in this dark but lofty position of evil. You are “god of the earth” and you are aware that there are 7 billion or more human beings on the earth. Would you get a “cabinet” of the most brilliant and most powerful of the demons? How many levels of government would you need, remember you are “warring against the saints”, you are opposing the work of God.

I’m thinking I might start with at least one demon each for the seven continents.  These would have to be the best. I would see to it that those seven choose demons under them to rule various areas of these continents, they would be principalities.  After the regions are established, I would also make lesser principalities for specific regions in these territories. For instance, in the United States it would be very similar to the government structure we have in place.

One powerful demon ruling with many advisors and cabinet members and then those who rule divisional or regional areas of the country, one over states, one over certain counties, one over county seat cities and local towns.  Each of these rulers would have a large government of its own to manage the affairs of darkness. One over communities and neighborhoods, blocks of the streets, certain houses and there would be multitudes of workers in the vast kingdom of darkness.  There would be so many in this governmental structure of evil that special appointees are given territories over waters, mountains and deserts, trees, barren remote areas … covering all the earth. By the way, I have encountered demon powers who describe their territories and responsibilities in such terms.

For instance, I know the prince of Texas and many of his sub-ordinates.  I have encountered many principalities of certain counties and cities and many of their underlings.  I know the prince of many states and regions in the world, they show up, and under oath before Jehovah God, they reveal their territories.  I have encountered hundreds of territorial spirits; I have recorded their names and geographical areas. I don’t fight with them; they come to protect their kingdom on the inside of the individual.  I do not have authority to cast them down, else, I would do the entire world. I do, however, command them to return to the heavenly realm and to not interfere with the individual’s deliverance. They always obey.

How many demons are working in this vast network of evil against God and God’s People?  Billions. Thousands of thousands. Remembering that they are spirits, I don’t suppose there is any value in speculating.  Demon powers that are in or attached to people are minions of higher-ranking spirits. These we can and do cast into the abyss.  I have found that they can split, divide, multiply, fragment and clone and use various other ways of deceiving and evading the deliverance process.  I always forbid them from doing this in my commands. I also have found that these spirit beings have the ability to make decisions. Many of them seem to have, for lack of a better description, “brat” personalities.  They communicate with other demons and actually call for help to those in higher rank. 

Demons are not disembodied spirits looking for a home.  They never had a body, so they can’t be disembodied. Many ministries say something to that effect.  I have found that they are demon powers, they are without doubt, fallen angels, that in every way possible oppose the work of God.  They are not drifters or floaters without purpose. They are sent by higher ranking spirits to do the demonic work in people as splits or seeds of the heavenly realm spirit.

They are sent by higher ranking spirits to do the most damage possible to the kingdom of God.  When open doors are recognized in the lives of God’s people they can enter into human beings and oppress them.  They enter the soulish area of man, not the spirit. They are tormentors, above all, liars with mastery in deception.  They absolutely are not the spirits of dead people.

There are multitudes of inexplicable stories of “haunted” places.  There are times that I have “felt” the oppressing presence of demonic spirits in certain places.  The phenomenon can be nothing but demon powers. Departed spirits cannot linger or return with some kind of duty or unfulfilled mission.  To be absent from this body is to be present with the Lord or to be in hell. Note the parable of the rich man and the beggar Lazarus, (Lk. 16:19-31).  Lazarus died and was carried by the angels to heaven.  The rich man died, was buried and in hell. Both still very much alive in eternity.  There is a great impassable gulf fixed that prevents return to this earth. There is only one scriptural possibility for hauntings, demons!

You wonder how a demon spirit can enter a follower of Christ.  Look at the apparent ease with which Satan entered into Judas. Jn. 13:27 records, “As soon as Judas took the bread, Satan entered into him. “What you are about to do, do quickly,” Jesus told him…”  The prince of darkness did personal battle with Jesus and he used people to try to attain victory. He “entered” into Judas. Demons enter people today and their goal is still the same, war against us, oppose everything of God.  We can best understand this by knowing that it is not Satan himself what we deal with but demon powers on assignment from his kingdom of darkness. Jesus said to them “out” … so, they must be in.

Remember the tabernacle as 3 distinct parts: 1) The Outer Court, 2) The Holy Place and 3) The Holy of Holies.  Compare this to the human tabernacle. 1) The flesh, 2) The soul and 3) the spirit. As no unclean thing could enter the Holy of Holies, so can no unclean thing enter the spirit of a believer.  The unclean spirits enter or attach themselves to the flesh and/or the soul of a man. Paul refers to our body as our “earthly tabernacle” in 2Cor. 5:1.

I recall a few years ago having services in several Texas panhandle area prisons.  Pampa, Amarillo, Dalhart and Tulia were the cities where these prisons are located.  There are two in Pampa and two in Amarillo. From the time my wife dropped me off at the DFW airport until I arrived back home several days later, I was harassed by demon spirits.  I won’t go into the details; it might need to be a separate book. After preaching for three days in the prisons I had my final service in Tulia. In spite of all the opposition many men were saved and there was a strong anointing.

During the service at the Tulia transfer unit one of the Hispanic brothers seated in the back seemed to be “locked” in on me as I preached.  When the service was over, and men were going back to the assigned areas this man came to me and shook my hand. He said, “Brother, the Holy Spirit told me to tell you something, I don’t know what it means.” He then said, “He said to tell you that Satan has assigned a high-ranking spirit to you.  Do you know what that means?” I told him that I did know, and he said he would continue to pray for me.

I remember walking down the halls of that prison toward the front door.  There was a huge clap of thunder and the officer at the door asked which direction I was headed.  I told him Amarillo and he said, “Sir, be careful we just got word there is a tornado on the ground between here and there.”

In my spirit I was hearing a calm assurance, “Same authority, same authority!”

Just for Jesus,