April 2017 Being real is a great thing

Being real is a great thing.

Many of the pagan practices and rituals of the various demon powers that were worshiped are still practiced today in a different guise. Many of the secret societal organizations thru their pledges and ancient oaths and vows still call on the demons to help them. They speak the names of demons in the private rituals and are led to believe they hold secrets of power and control.  

Still the same lies and the demons receive worship by a means that is now accepted and sought after. You would not believe the number of people that go thru deliverance and find that some of the oaths and vows taken, pledges and ceremonies participated in by an ancestor or even perhaps by them, have granted permission for demons powers in their life! The names of the demons we encounter thru these secret society, (fraternities and sororities), organizations are remarkably consistent. These demon powers are the same that sought worship thru the sun, moon, rivers etc., by their ancients. My point is that the demons have adapted to our “advancement” and their strategy has changed somewhat.  

But … what about the change that took place during the death burial and resurrection? While 4,000 years of demonic effort to stop the birth of Christ failed and the intense effort to eliminate him thru death has now failed. Do you think there might have been an emergency  

I can see it now, all of the top demons called in. The partying had stopped, what looked like a giant demonic win now called for an urgent change of plans. Their attempt to destroy Israel would continue, but now it’s more complicated. The Savior, Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, was alive. He had conquered death. He had commissioned them to heal the sick and cast out demons. He had given them authority in His Name.  

Satan knew something was coming, he knew Jesus had promised to send the Holy Spirit. He knows Bible prophecy. But now it’s not just the nation Israel that he is trying to destroy. He must deal with a host of Gentile believers. The Body of Christ would have to be dealt with. The written Word of God would become a major influence in the world. Do you suppose the demonic world has meetings and strategy sessions? I believe there was scrambling and high level meetings taking place when Jesus stepped out of the tomb and the grave could not hold Him.  

I can hear the demons screaming in agony as the Living Lord Jesus rose from the dead. The call for high level powers made its way thru the atmosphere. Satan must have trembled yet cried out in anger. Now there’s a new problem. Clever attacks on key individuals must happen. Kill the apostles, stop the message, persecute, bring physical harm and murder to the purveyors of the gospel.  

I believe there are strategy sessions on a regular basis in the kingdom of darkness. Even when a believer receives deliverance and news reaches the territorial spirits in the heavenly realm, I feel certain they are discussing things like, “What worked before? How did we gain entrance to that life initially?  

Let’s try it again, let’s do something similar and see how they respond. New demons are assigned. None of the demons are omnipotent or omnipresent, including Satan. Omniscience is not a characteristic of any demon power and of course, they are incapable of being immutable, they are the opposite. 

While their tactics always include, steal kill and destroy, they must adapt to various situations. When Jesus made it possible for anyone to be saved, great attention had to be given to prevent the world from knowing this. When people did believe and receive Christ great effort had to be given to keep the new believers in a measure of darkness. Satan knew what Jesus could do; he knows His miracle working power. What he didn’t know is what Jesus could do through a believer. 

He knew he no longer held the keys of death hell and the grave. Jesus took them from him and declared, “I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.” Revelation 1:18 (KJV).  He knows he can do nothing to prevent the power and authority that Jesus gives from being real … he can only do something to keep man from knowing and acting upon it. 

I’m pretty sure discussion was made about, the “little Jesus’” they would be dealing with. They had one Jesus with which to contend, now there will be thousands and millions who carry His authority.  

The Holy Spirit began to live in each new believer. He teaches, guides, comforts, walks beside and empowers believers as they learn to listen to Him and live according to God’s Word. The demons must be diligent. I feel certain this was discussed at the emergency meeting. Satan must have been exhorting his strongest demons with  fervor.  

We must prevent man from believing and we must prevent believers from exercising their rights in Christ. The purpose will remain the same, just different and updated tactics, constant relevant updates on strategy. The “updates” must go out in the demonic realm more often than they do on our computers. They must constantly search for new and updated ways to instill doubt and unbelief. I once preached a message called, “The sin most often committed by women” … yes, it received a lot of attention. The answer should not surprise you though, it is also the sin most often committed by men. It is unbelief! That has always been Satan’s method; instill doubt about what God says and who God is. 

I am saddened today by the deception being embraced in the name of ministry. The deluge of “prophecies” that are not only seldom accurate, they are never accurate and yet many in the Body of Christ flock to this deceptive message. The flesh desires this mania message. My heart is somewhat enraged by the garbage messages being spread by self-starved ego malnourished phonies. Demons rejoice in deception of these misrepresentatives of the gospel.  

What stirs me most is this comes from people who know better. I’m not sorry for saying this but I am sorry that it may offend some. When we walk in the authority of The Name of Jesus I have found it is best recognized by being “level-headed” and “normal”. Experiencing the supernatural doesn’t mean we have become abnormal. I know many of you know what I mean. Let’s just be real about the gospel and the Lord we represent .  

In my many years of ministry I have learned  that little is more effective than “being real”!  Seems like that would be easy. Being real is a big deal!   Blessings! 

Just for Jesus,