Don’t wash your nets!



And it came to pass as the people pressed upon Him to hear the word of God, He stood by the lake of Gennesaret, (sea of Galilee), and saw two standing by the lake: but the fisherman were gone out of them, and were washing their nets.Lk. 5:1-11

Cleaning out your desk…Packing your bags…Throwing in the towel…Giving up…Had all you can take…Washing your nets…

Have you ever been there? You know, things are not going as you planned.  You have done the best you can and seems like everything has failed. You feel like a failure and you really don’t see how things can change for the better.  Have you thought about quitting? Are you ready to “Fold your tent”, “Throw in the towel”, “Clean out your desk”? Do you feel like you did your best and still have no hope for anything better?  Have you had your wasted nights and do you have a weary nature? Read Luke 5:1-11. Look with me at 7 truths from this great section of scripture.


Peter, and his partners, James and John, has fished all night and had nothing to show for it.  They had done their best. They had put forth their best fishing efforts and skills but had no fish.  They were in the right place for fishing, they had the right equipment and still had no fish.


They were tired and frustrated.  They had decided to wash their nets and head back home.  They had put forth a good effort, probably did everything they knew to do…but were empty handed and were calling it quits!

It’s difficult when you have done all you know to do and have nothing to show for it.  Not only did it seem like a wasted night, now they have a weary nature. They are washing their nets when Jesus comes by.


Seems that He still walks by when we reach this point in life.  Maybe that is where you are right now. Don’t wash your nets! Jesus got into Peter’s boat and began to teach the throng of people that followed.  They pressed upon Him … they all wanted a Word from Jesus. I would like to have heard that message! At the close of His message to the people Jesus had a Word for Peter … don’t wash your nets, go further out, let down your nets again.  “Try it again and do it my way…let me help you!” Don’’t quit, I can help you with this.

I’m sure Peter was shaking his head a little and maybe mumbling under his breath, “I know how to fish, I’m a pro.  I have given my best effort here and applied my best knowledge…” That was likely what he was thinking, but what he spoke changed his life forever.   In spite of what he thought he knew he decided to believe Jesus, he offered a…


They had toiled all night.  They had nothing to show for their efforts.  This is really where life changing events take place.   When all odds seem to be against you and God’s Word seems so hard to believe.  There was a…’willing nevertheless‘.  Even a reluctant, cautious step in faith is rewarded by God.  Peter said what we say many times. It just doesn’t make sense, I’ve already tried it my way but because you say so…”Nevertheless, at thy word, I will let down the net.”  James and John had heard Jesus as well and they went with Peter into the deeper waters. 

When they believed Him and obeyed Him, when they acted upon His Word, what they could not do by their own skills and knowledge was done.  They enclosed a great multitude of fish…so much so that the nets they were washing broke! They filled both of the ships with so much the boats began to sink.  Wow! The blessing for persevering is bigger than you think it is. The rewards of obedience and faith are always more than you can imagine.


What we need most is to hear from God.  Jesus had been teaching from the boat and the word brings faith.  Faith comes by hearing the Word. They needed not a word from another fisherman, but a word from Jesus.  Peter said what we say many times when we have experienced wasted nights and have a weary nature, “we have toiled all night and have taken nothing”.

The rewards of obedience and faith are greater and nearer than you think.  When all odds seem to be against you, what you need is a Word from God. Yet there was a….


Often, the thing we need most to happen seems beyond our grasp.  It seems that only a miracle from God could change things. The miracle here was closer than they thought.  They had already done their best and they were good at what they did, but they had nothing to show for it. Even the Word spoken by Jesus was difficult for them to believe, but they acted upon His Word. Simple acts of obedience can make or break a situation.  The very thing you need is closer than you think. In spite of their experience as fisherman and their human logic, Peter offered a willing “nevertheless”. To find a wonder nearby. 


What would you do?  Think about what Peter and the others had just experienced.  Empty nets now full, wasted night now fulfilled. A weary nature now revived…worship was necessary!  How could you not fall at Jesus’ feet? How can we not give Him first place in our life all of the time?  When we see ourselves and how limited we are and we see God and how limitless He is, worship is necessary!


You need a word from God.


Just for Jesus,