2 – About deliverance

2 – About deliverance

Let me begin by saying that deliverance is probably not what you have heard that it is. It is not like the movies. It is not like Hollywood; it is like the Holy Word! It is for believers! It is nothing to be afraid of and is totally non-threatening to the individual. It is simply inner healing by removal of the cause of the problem…the book of Acts says that JESUS WENT ABOUT DOING GOOD AND HEALING ALL THOSE WHO WERE OPPRESSED OF THE DEVIL. That is what deliverance is, breaking the oppressing power of the enemy!

The most common misconception I encounter is that only evil people have demons. Nothing could be further from the truth! If you are alive…you are a candidate.

A second mistake I see when the word deliverance is mentioned is that people want to think «demon possession»…it is NOT possession. Possession implies ownership, we are owned by the Lord Jesus! We are purchased, redeemed, bought with a price. We are possessed by the Holy Spirit of God who lives in our Spirit. Oppression takes place in the soul and in the flesh. The soul is the area of torment … mind, will, emotions … and that is where the demons do their misdeeds. This is the warfare that Paul so often talks ‘about. David in Psalms 116 describes oppression and deliverance perfectly. David said, «the pains of hell got hold on me…I found trouble and sorrow…He loosed my bonds.» Demons must have legal rights to one’s life.

They cannot just intrude at will. it always involves legal consent from either the individual or from God. Generational curse, of course, does not involve our will, but does grant permission to evil spirits through the sins of the father (mother) for three to four generations. Meaning ANYONE born could be born with a spirit that has legal right according to Exodus 20:5. This is the most common entry way for demon spirits and to think it could not happen to you is evidence of the power of their deception.

At the risk of oversimplifying this I want to be very brief:

Demons, evil spirits, unclean spirits, devils, spirits of infirmity, principalities, powers etc. Must have PERMISSION to be in some ones life. Just as the Holy Spirit honors our will, demons must also and cannot intrude without some kind of consent. (Consent can be as simple as being in the presence of a Ouija Board, a childhood abuse or trauma, periods of anger or unforgiveness etc). When completing the questionnaire ask the Holy Spirit to bring to your remembrance anything that may have given access to the demon powers.

Once consent is granted the demon takes up residence in the soul or flesh and begins to build a «kingdom» bent on destruction. Jesus described the works of Satan as «rob, kill, steal, destroy«. I have yet to locate a demon power with any other function. Now, the oppression begins because the demon has been granted permission to be there.

In the deliverance process we will determine what doorways or entryways were granted to evil spirits. What permission or consent they have to BE THERE. Now, the only way they can stay when they are commanded to leave is if they have permission to STAY THERE. Consent to stay could be, for example, unforgiveness in one’s life, that is God-given permission for demons to torment. Matthew 18:23-35. If unforgiveness is in a believers life, demons do not have to leave!

They have God’s permission to STAY. Another example of permission to stay would be sin in an individuals life that they are unwilling to surrender to the Lord. That will block a deliverance because the demon has legal rights to stay.

.Deliverance cannot take place against some ones will and can even involve more than just their willingness to be free, often it requires a desire to be free. The fact that you are reading this and filling out the information sheet indicates you qualify for deliverance.

Demon spirits are very organized and are hierarchy-oriented. They are very structured and you might view their kingdom as having a CEO with vice-presidents, managers, supervisors and workers. Or maybe a better description would be a military pecking order. There will be a «boss» who runs everything. They like to be called «princes». The Prince may have several princes under him who all have varied functions intent on the believers demise and destruction. But, every one will bow at the Name of Jesus Christ. You need not fear.

Some of the demons are assigned the duty of «gatekeeper» and it is their function to bring other demons in at every opportunity. In the process of deliverance I will address these spirits and it is helpful that you know in advance. The deliverance session can vary in length from 1 hour to many hours but generally can be accomplished in a couple of hours. The more prepared the individual is, the smoother the process…with some exceptions. It is not a ritual and it will be permissible for the candidate to ask questions during the process, pause for a restroom break or a drink or water.

The deliverance setting is casual, yet, it is Holy. We will depend upon the Holy Presence of God’s Spirit to lead us and guide us in the truth encounter…it is not a power encounter!

Demons are all liars and they will submit to the truth of the Word of God and the Powerful Name of Jesus Christ. Demons, totallyunderstand the battle, they know they are defeated and know they must be obedient to the commands of the Lord Jesus. They will leave when they are commanded to leave!

It is not uncommon for the person seeking deliverance toexperience manifestations of the evil ones prior to the session. They may become extremely nervous (the demons), because they know their time is short. They will attempt to frighten through nightmares or Manifesting as an evil presence…they may confuse or disorient the individual…make threats through very negative and frightful thoughts. They may attack the individuals mind to make them think they must be crazy if they really think demons are the problem, they may «tell» the individual that the deliverance minister is a «jerk» that he doesn’t know what he is doing, that this will not work, etc. All of these things are common. It is an attempt to keep you from freedom.

Jesus said, «when the Spirit is in you, it will be in your beily, a well of water springing up into everlasting life…» Now, He is talking about the Holy Spirit of God. However, it seems the belly, the mid-section is the seat of the evil spirits also. It is very common for them to manifest in this area with a stirring or nausea type feeling. This is most common. Headaches are very common occurrences prior to and during deliverance. Demon spirits also livain the central nervous system, this is their control center. Numbness, tingling and dizziness are also very common when the demons are aroused. Don’t be alarmed, they will not harm you! Just know these are very common. I have seen literally thousands and rarely is there not some of these conditions present.

When the demons are expelled, commanded to leave, they will likely come out on the individuals breath. Sometimes with a deep sigh, a cough, a yawn, a burp…occasionally some gagging, but they will release you and they will be obedient. They cannot be disobedient to the command of the Lord Jesus.

When they leave they will be commanded to got to the abyss never to return. They will be commanded that they cannot harm you, nor can they leave you and go to someone else. They may even threaten you with, «I’ll leave, but I’ll go to your kids..,etc» Don’t be alarmed by their threats, they will do as they are commanded…period! You will know when you are free!

It is most common for the individual to «hear» the demon’s response in their mind and to report to me what they have heard…sometimes they may «see’ something when the demons are commanded to obey the Holy Spirit and Holy Angels force them to obedience.

For example: Jesus spoke to the demoniac in Gaddera and said, «What is your name?» The demons in the man responded, «Legion, because we are many». I will command the prince demon to reveal his identity either by name or function. And the individual will immediately get a response in their minded ask them to report what they hear or see.

Often the names will be very unusual, sometimes names that will surprise the individual, most common is that the demon will reveal his function, i.e., FEAR, DOUBT, HATRED, etc. It is really not complicated. Once the demon is identified, there is just one question, «Do you have consent from Jehovah God to stay?» It is over at that point, if the spirit does not have consent, he will be commanded to go to the abyss and he will!

There can be any number of demons present and the number is not significant. One thousand will bow as quickly as one at the Name of Jesus Christ.

Symptons of Demonic Attack

1. A compulsive desire to blaspheme God,

2. A revulsion against the Bible, including a desire to tear it up or destroy it.

3. Compulsive thoughts of suicide or murder.

4. Deep feelings of bitterness and hatred toward others without reason: Jews, other races, the church, strong Christian leaders.

5. Any compulsive temptations which seek to force you to thoughts or behavior which you truly do not want to do or think.

6. Compulsive desires to tear other people down, even if it means lying to do so. Vicious cutting by the tongue.

7. Terrifying feelings of guilt even after honest confession is made to the Lord.

8. Certain physical symptoms which may appear suddenly or leave quickly and there are no physical or physiological reason.

A. Choking sensations.

B. Pains which seem to move around and for which there is no medical cause.

C. Feelings of tightness about the head or eyes.

D. Dizziness, blackouts, or fainting seizures.

9. Deep depression and despondency.

10. Sudden surges of violent rage, uncontrollable anger, or seething feelings of hostility.

11. Terrifying doubt of one’s salvation even though they once knew the joy of salvation.

12. Seizures of panic or other fear that is terrifying.

13. Dreams or nightmares that are of a horrific nature and often …recurring. Clairvoyant dreams that may even come true are most often demonic.

14. Abnormal or perverted sexual desires.

15. Questions and challenges to God’s Word.

16. Sleep or eating disorders without physical cause.

17. Most compulsions and obsessions.

18. Rebellion and hatred for authority.

19. Bizarre terrifying thoughts that seem to come from nowhere and you cannot control them.

20. Fascination with the occult.

21. Involvement in criminal activity.

This not a complete list, but it is a good indicator.

In summary:

1. We will find the permissions they have to be there and cancel each permission. (That is the purpose of the questionnaire, discover their permissions to be there)

2. We will pray a prayer together to cancel that permission.

3. We will locate the Prince, boss, etc. and destroy his kingdom.

4. We will command all demon spirits to repair all of their damage and then go to the abyss…

5. We will ask the Holy Spirit to fill every void that was in your life with His light and life. If that sounds pretty simple…actually it is. Jesus did all of the work, He paid all of the price, we will just claim it and enter into the full work of the cross and resurrection. Expect to be free! [:]Rediger