May/ June 2020 «Contending with the devil»

 Contending with the devil

“Yet Michael the archangel when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, dared not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke you.”  Jude. 1:9

Now, when contending with the devil, there are at least two levels of spiritual warfare.  On this earth we have been commissioned with authority over all the “works” of the devil and have been given power to tread on serpents and scorpions, earthbound demons.  But what about the second level in the heavenlies?

THE “in-between” REALM

It seems that in the Church we know a little bit about spiritual warfare on this earth and we know somewhat about heaven itself.  But we do not know much about, (and are taught little about), the warfare that takes place in the heavenlies, the “in between” realm.  The place where angels and demons do battle.  There is such a place and in this place there is constant activity.   A battle rages for control and position of people and places on the earth.

In the scripture above it appears that Michael may have been given the duty of burying Moses’ body. Satan disputed with him about it.  Michael simply reminded Satan that he is defeated and said, The Lord rebuke you.  He did not rant and rail against him, he did not challenge him, he put him in his place. There is wrestling going in the heavenlies, in high places.

This is where intercession is mighty.  As demons wrestle for control of individuals and of territories, the prayers of the saints release angels to warfare in our behalf.  Remember, it is against principalities and powers that we wrestle, not against flesh and blood.  It is against the rulers of darkness and against spiritual host of wickedness in the heavenly places.  This is a level of warfare that takes on a different dimension.


When Jesus gave authority to believers, in His Name, the authority was over demon powers on this earth as has to do with individuals.  He sent the 12 disciples and the 70 disciples among men, to the “earth bound” demonic realm.  He commissioned them to heal the sick, to cleanse lepers and to cast out demons.  He did not send them to do battle against demon powers in the heavenlies.  The authority did not/does not extend to that realm.  If it did, we could just bind them all send them to the abyss and be done with it.

If a demon power has consent, that is, legal permission, to someone’s life (such as un-forgiveness, unrepented sin, ancestral curse etc), the authority is no good.  My experience has been that if permission is granted by believers, it doesn’t matter who commands the demons to leave, it may leave but they do not have to.  It is important to understand permission as well as authority.  So, what about the princes and powers of the air?


When Daniel was given revelation and prophecy it overwhelmed him and for 21 days he fasted and sought God.  It appears that the angel was sent to make the revelation clear.  The angel told Daniel, “From the first day your prayer was heard but the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood the angel for 21 days, but Michael one of the chief princes (angel) came to help me…” Daniel 10:13.

Prince of Persia?  Michael, the archangel?  Fighting and resistance in the heavenlies?  Does it still go on? Absolutely.  What is our role?  As it has to do with principalities and powers in the heavenlies we must pray.  Binding and loosing authority does not extend there except as it has to do with us individually.  I believe we open ourselves up to demonic attacks when we challenge these ranking principalities.

The scripture in Jude clearly indicates that Michael himself dared not bring a railing accusation against Satan.  It is a different realm of warfare that is won in intercession and removal of legal permissions.

The permissions must be broken, the curses and demonic rights from past actions must be confessed. May I say to you.  Don’t challenge demons in the heavenlies.  I have seen great calamity in the lives of people who have ventured out of their realm of authority.  Our authority is limited to what is ours and to those who willingly come under that authority.  Challenging and demanding principalities and powers is not scriptural and can be very foolish. 

 But at the same time I say with great boldness, don’t take anything off of the demons associated with your life.


Angels are principalities and powers.  Of course they are.  What about angels?  Most Christians automatically think about demons and dark powers when reference is made to principalities and powers.  Angels were here first!

Know the angels always are working in our behalf, but they work for God, they minister for us!  Michael the archangel did not take on Satan but said, the Lord rebuke you, we pray and God puts the angels in action, remember Jesus could have called legions of angels!

They are always ready to answer His call.  Our warfare in the heavenly realm is thru prayer, as it has to do with our response to Jesus command to cast out demons it has to do with people.  We have been given authority to do it and are commanded to do it.  To “cast out” not to “cast down”.

Know who you are in Christ.  Know what has been given to you in Christ.  Take everything that is yours! We are heirs of God and joint-heirs with Jesus Christ!

Thank you for your prayers and support…and encouragement!