Listen for the hissing 2020 August

Newsletter Don Dickerman 2020 August


There are many voices that come to our minds.  I found it wise to check the voices with the Word of God, if the voice is not in accordance with what God has already said, even slightly off, LISTEN FOR THE HISSIN.  In Genesis 3, God had already spoken, His Word had already been spoken to man-kind and it was goodThe serpent was already there, having been cast from heaven. He walked and talked and was more subtle than any of the creatures there. His voice, I’m sure was smooth and easy to listen to, he singled out the woman as the weakest and began to twist the words of God, with what sounded good to the flesh. The woman knew and could quote the Word of God.

The serpent was not crawling on the ground, he may have had his own TV show, dressed like a million dollars, and had his own version of God truth.  Slick and smooth talking.  He presented a version that appealed to the flesh.  Maybe a plan to get rich or be healthy by a miracle vitamin.  But she didn’t LISTEN FOR THE HISSIN.   She quoted God’s Word. “We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden: but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of garden, God hath said, You shall not eat of it, neither shall you touch it, lest you die.” 

But the slick talking, charismatic serpent twisted God’s word a little to appeal to her flesh. “You shall not surely die: for God knows that in the day you eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.”  She didn’t LISTEN FOR THE HISSIN.  You shall not ssssurely die…your eyessss shall be opened and you will be as godssss.  What a fine mess tainted truth gets us into.

All thru God’s Word there are exhortations from which we might learn;  Lot’ssss wife comes to mind, we don’t even know her name, we are just told to remember Lot’s wife.  She heard the word delivered by an angel, but SHE HAD RATHER BURN THAN TURN!

Jacob had rather DECIEVE THAN BELIEVE.  A bowl of ssssoup, he wanted to have Gods birthright blessings at whatever cost.

Josephs brothers.  So full of envy for a blessed brother.  They should have been excited for God’s Hand of his life, but instead they tried to kill him.  They were jealoussss.  JEALOUS INSTEAD OF ZEALOUS.

When you are listening for the voice of God, make sure the HISSIN IS MISSIN.

The 10 spiessss sent out to survey the land and the enemy, they knew God by experience, had seen Him be faithful to His Word and to be mighty in battle, they looked and decided with FRIGHT INSTEAD OF FIGHT.

All thru the word there are examples of listening to the wrong voice in spite of knowing the word of God.  The Children of Israel chose to DELAY RATHER THAN OBEY they took 40 lapssss around the mountain!

What a fool was this special anointed man to deliver Israel from the hand of the Philistines.  Where are they today?  They were once in the Gaza strip 20-25 miles west of Jerusalem, they are now extinct.  They controlled Israel but God raised up Samson to defeat them with supernatural strength thru a Nazarite vow.  The Nazarite vow consisted of three things…

  1. Abstinence from wine or strong drink
  2. Refraining from cutting the hair during the entire period of the vow.
  3. Avoidance of contact with the dead. Samson violated them all.

He had rather LUST THAN TRUST.  Frequent folly with a Philistine filly brought him Binding, Blinding and Grinding.

Jezebel, the false prophetessss.  Not the painted woman.  The rebel against God’s preordained order.  Not bowing to any man, she’s the man of her house.  A Baal worshipper, the mother of abortion, baby killer and the original women’s libber.  She would be in the streets today shaking her fist against all that is right and righteous.  She wanted to kill the prophets of God, she challenged the truth that they spoke.  If you think you know the demon Jezebel and think its work is lust you are wrong.  Jezebel likes to FLAUNT AND TAUNT the people of God, she would be head of the LBTQGWXT movement.

Jonah with a special call on his life to bring revival to Nineveh.  He had rather DIE THAN DO.  He had rather PERISH THAN PREACH.  He ran from the call, he caused problems with his disobedience everywhere he went but when God wants you in Nineveh you can go by SAIL OR WHALE, but you’re going to Nineveh.  He spent three days in a great fissssh.

Israel’s great king, specially chosen and anointed, a man after God’s own heart. The star on the Israeli flag is in his honor.  Magnificent victories, a giant killer, yet a man living in a flesssshly body.  He had his EYES ON THE PRIZE and like Samson yielded to the flesh, he thought I’m the KING I CAN DO ANYTHING.  He had rather PLAY THAN PRAY he committed adultery and a homicide to cover it up.

During the restrictions with the corona virus I began to understand why dogs dash for the door when it is open…let me out I’ve been cooped to too long.

Look at some new testament examples. The rich young ruler, asking the perfect question and then not liking the answer.  What must I do to be saved? He had RATHER LOSE THAN CHOOSE.  Be careful when your decisions are based upon cassssh.  He had rather KEEP THAN WEEP.

Cassssh was a determining factor in a certain rich mans choice.  He had so much he never considered his soul while piling up his cassssh he died in the night.  He had rather REBUILD THAN REPENT.  I’ll just tear down my barns and build bigger ones.  He had PLENTY THEN HE DIDN”T HAVE ANY!

Amazing what people will do for a piece of silver. What a story Judas had to tell, chosen to be one of Jesus’ closest friends.  Thirty pieces of ssssilver, he had rather SELL THAN TELL.

Peter sold himself short, in hissss pride he boasted that he would never betray the Lord.  Not knowing that the spirit is willing but the flessssh is weak.  He chose to DENY THAN TO RELY.

Ananias and Sapphira both of them were liars.  Carried out as dead people.  They LIED AND THEY DIED, rather STEAL THAN REVEAL.

And King Agrippa face to face with the world’s greatest evangelist, almost he was saved, almosssst.  But he EVADED RATHER THAN BE PERSUADED!

We are seeing victories in deliverance daily and have several trips to church’s coming up.  Thanks for your prayers and support.

Just for Jesus,