A deliverance prayer

Dear friend!

You have now worked your way through the prayers as I suggested. It is important for the prayer of deliverance to be successful!

You have also an idea of what is suppressing you which may be of demonic origin.

The prayer I use is the prayer used by Don Dickerman in the video Courtroom deliverance. Remember it is not the authority of the preacher that is important. In the name of Jesus Christ you and I get our authority.

Repeat after me in the first part of the deliverance. Then I will bind the demons and command them to leave you. Finally I will pray for God`s blessing upon you life.

Remember deliverance is only for born again believers. Deliverance is «children`s bread». The aim of the deliverance prayer is freedom to live a life that is dedicated to Jesus.

Be bold!

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A Deliverance Prayer